With accounting and finance often being at the heart of most organisational pinch points, this can put a huge strain and pressure on those working within a finance or accounting function. Not just because today is world mental health day should this be bought to the surface as this is an issue facing many and should be a focus 365 days of the year and in any sector not just finance. Give a thought to those who may be under pressure, those that have gone through a recent event that may trigger such emotion, or simply be aware that this is a very real problem in today’s society that doesn’t have a big sign that says “I AM SUFFERING MENTAL HEALTH.”

Part of this awareness is a lack of understanding, an inability to put a quick fix on something very complex. At least now we are starting to appreciate this is very real and can have a detrimental effect on those individuals if they are left to suffer in silence. Showing support, being aware of those around you and sometimes stepping out of the numbers, KPIs, costs and budgets momentarily, and asking the person next to you, “how are you today” can at least be the olive branch to help. Do something brilliant and appreciate others around you – “How are you today?”

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