Introduction and the Different Exam Levels

It can often be a difficult decision which direction to launch your accounting career either following a degree or post your AAT studies. The decision of CIMA or ACCA can often be dictated by the organisation you are in or joining and if you are fortunate to have the choice, which is better for you? The following document sums up the pros and cons of both very nicely from both an employer point of view and employee embarking on this decision.

Clients will often take the view of which study package to provide based on which exam board better compliments the role. However, with so little between the CIMA/ACCA syllabus, is this really as cut and dry – GAP think not! The other factor which comes into play may be more cost related, but again there little between the cost of both CIMA and ACCA also.

The Different Exam Levels:

The attached overview gives a neat little breakdown of the different levels currently in operation through both CIMA and ACCA and how the two exam boards differ but also how they are very similar also. Know the facts before embarking on offering a training platform but also helpful if you are looking to start working towards qualifying as an accountant!

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