Pass Percentage and job suitability CIMA Vs ACCA

If a company is able to understand the pass rates of CIMA Vs ACCA and what they are likely to get for the financial obligation where they may be supporting one exam board over the other surely this also has a bearing on if one is a better option over the other. A lot of the data is getting a bit old now hence the 2015 example. Also by each giving an example of what sector each exam board i.e. CIMA/ACCA may flourish better in, this will significantly help employers choose the right training package to best suit there role and industry.

This is also a very useful tool for whoever may be embarking on their studies as a candidate through CIMA or ACCA and will give them an indication if one particular syllabus is tougher than another. Identifying nuances in sector suitability may also help a candidate tailor the right study support to exactly match the direction they wish their career to follow.

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