Interview Questions and Ideas

Questions more typically asked at second interview

  1. What are the key attributes you think are required for this role?

This is an opportunity to sell yourself. Identify the key characteristics that are needed to perform well, but more importantly back this up with examples of your capability in these areas not forgetting to use ‘I’ rather than ‘we’!


  1. What do you think we could be doing better? 

This is not a trick question. You should feel comfortable in highlighting areas that you have noticed could be improved. It might be the website, it might be a store layout or even a piece of technology that could improve productivity. Maybe you have done a SWOT analysis of the business or its product/service. Avoid being too opinionated or critical but more show that you can bring ideas to rectify any issues you have picked up on.


  1. What are your career goals?

The interviewer wants to know that you take your carer seriously and have thought about where you want to go. They are likely looking for someone to come in and be in it for the long haul. I can be to your advantage to identify how you intend to get from A to B but best not to give exact timelines over your development like in 1,2,3 years try and give examples of short, medium and long-term development plans. You may have aspirations to become a Finance Manager or Finance Director; don’t simply say ‘I want to be X, but more show them that you have thought about what type of skills you will need to pick up along the way roles or disciplines you will need to achieve before this becomes a reality. How you will take ownership of high-level client relationships – whatever it is, you will be more impactful if you show that you have given it some real thought.


  1. What is it about this job that excites you?

(1st and 2nd interview question)

The first interview this question is really focusing on your general motivation and maybe what you want to achieve out of this role. At the second interview, they are looking at what your motivations truly are. This is also a chance to show that you are invested in the role, the company and their future. What responsibilities in the job description particularly interest you, and why is the direction that the company is moving in something you want to be a part of?


  1. Why should we choose you?

This is often the closing question and gives you the chance to sum up much of what you have prepared. It is all about showing enthusiasm and displaying why you are the person they cannot miss out on.

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